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Our Sunset Drop Teardrop on a trip to the Valley of the Gods in Utah

What is an

Welcome to Elevated Camping Experience! We offer a one-stop-shop for all your camping accommodation needs. Rent our teardrop trailers, RVs, and camping gear to make your next adventure one you'll never forget.



Northern Arizona is home to some of the world's most cherished scenery. Millions of visitors are drawn to our neck of the woods to explore these wonders year-around each year. We provide locals and travelers with a unique ability to explore on their own timetable, enjoying flexibility and comfort the entire way.


​Teardrop campers act like a protective shell where you can store your belongings and sleep comfortably after a great day of exploring the outdoors. As opposed to sleeping on a cot or in your sleeping bag, you can take this small and nimble shell with you to your desired camp site and have a temperature controlled, water proof, and critter proof space to lay your head down to sleep and a place to cook when you’re ready to eat!


We believe strongly in the principals of "Leave No Trace" at Elevated Rentals. Our forests must be kept protected and clean for current and future generations. To help in this effort, we provide complimentary trash bags, sanitary bags, a port-a-loo, and a privacy tent with all of our rentals so you can feel comfortable wherever you are and can easily dispose of trash and waste products. 

Our teardrops are light-weight and power-efficient. All of our campers weigh less than 1700 pounds fully loaded and are powered by efficient batteries that allow you to camp off the grid without charging for 4-5 days.


We also use biodegradable cleaning supplies and laundry detergent to help reduce our pollution footprint.

If you have other ideas to help make us more environmentally friendly, we are always looking for ways to be more sustainable :)  

Bean kitchen setup
Raven in Utah


The concept for Elevated Camping Experience was created by my good family friend, John, in Flagstaff in 2017 under the name "Arizona Toy Camper Rental LLC."

With the help of his partner, Lara, they grew this side-hobby from a fleet of two teardrops to four and gained quite following from locals and travelers alike.

When John relocated out of the state for his day job, we started exploring the possibility of transferring the business to a new LLC that I would manage and operate, thus Elevated Camping Experience was born!


I am thrilled to be trusted with the opportunity to adopt this awesome concept and look forward to the challenge of expanding and sharing our mission with both new and returning campers. 

I’m delighted you are here! 

Thanks so much for supporting a wacky girl’s dream &     I hope to see you soon! Please reach out with any questions or help with planning your next
Northern Arizona trip. 

T@G at campground


Hi there, thanks so much for visiting my site! My name is Jess, I'm a native Arizonan and, so I've been told, a "huge outdoor nerd." Exploring the natural beauty around us is one of my highest joys in life. I aim to share that with you and provide a local's guidance for those who want to get a closer look at the wonders Northern Arizona can provide year around. 


I care deeply about the preservation and safe, practical, and comfortable exploration of our incredible natural backyard and want to help you discover this part of the world that I've fallen in love with. This is why I own and operate Elevated Camping Experience right here in Flagstaff, AZ.

I am also so lucky to have a family of true outdoor enthusiasts who never flinch when I have unusual ideas like spending our next Thanksgiving holiday camping in the desert of Big Bend National Park or travel nearly 800 miles to Salt Lake City, Utah and tow a few teardrop campers back with us. It is with their love and support this venture is possible. 

I hope to help Elevate your next outdoor experience!

Cheers to your next adventure! 


Photo of my family
Photo of me


Renters at Cave Springs Campground

"The Bean was Fabulous!! Jess was great to work with and made the whole experience so great! She gave us wonderful ideas for campsites and other tips. She arrived on time and set up the Bean for us. We LOVED it!! What a great little trailer. Jess also had treats for our pup (Which he loved!) as well as complimentary coffee. The whole trip was fantastic and we couldn't recommend Jess and Camping Elevated more!!! She has you covered in all ways!! 100% you will NOT be disappointed!"

Kim S / 5/15/2023

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