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Your Next Adventure Awaits!

Upgrade Your Camping Experience With Us 

Renting teardrop trailers and all the gear to make your next adventure one you'll never forget!


Modern camping with big comfort and a small footprint. These campers are versatile, nimble, and cost effective, creating the best option for both new campers and avid outdoor enthusiasts alike. They can be towed by most vehicles with low impact to gas mileage and can be set up in the most unique of outdoor spaces, bringing with them great comfort in comparison to typical tent camping. Get the perfect night's sleep, store your belongings safely, and enjoy the gifts of Northern Arizona and beyond with us at Elevated Camping Experience. 


BIG Comfort

Sleep in a warm and cozy queen-sized bed in a mobile shell that'll protect you from the cold, the critters, and the elements + plenty of onboard storage and amenities. 

TINY Footprint

Protect the outdoors and contain your campsite with easy set up and clean up. Our small profile means flexibility to fit into unique and remote places :)


Renting is a budget-friendly alternative to the high cost of buying & keeping all the gear yourself.

Towing teardrops has a low impact  on gas mileage. We also offer campsite setup options for your convenience. 


Our teardrops are easy to tow and equipped with all the necessary safety features.  All weigh less than 1700 lbs fully loaded and we give you complete towing instructions upon pickup so you are comfortable and confident on the road! 

Raven camper, Utah


BIG Comfort... TINY Footprint!!!

We're committed to providing affordable and comfortable camping experiences to new and avid campers alike that desire to explore the outdoors of Northern Arizona and the surrounding areas. If our teardrop campers can provide unique and memorable outdoor experiences for our customers while being both less costly and most importantly friendly to our lovely backyard then we will have achieved our mission. 

Camper kitchen hatch shown at night


Photo of my family
Photo of me in front of teardrop

Hi there, thanks so much for visiting my site! My name is Jess, I'm a native Arizonan and, so I've been told, a "huge outdoor nerd." Exploring the natural beauty around us is one of my highest joys in life. I aim to share that with you and provide a local's guidance for those who want to get a closer look at the wonders Northern Arizona can provide year around. 


I care deeply about the preservation and safe, practical, and comfortable exploration of our incredible natural backyard and want to help you discover this part of the world that I've fallen in love with. This is why I own and operate Elevated Camping Experience right here in Flagstaff, AZ.

I am also so lucky to have a family of true outdoor enthusiasts who never flinch when I have unusual ideas like spending our next Thanksgiving holiday camping in the desert of Big Bend National Park or travel nearly 800 miles to Salt Lake City, Utah and tow a few teardrop campers back with us. It is with their love and support this venture is possible. 

I hope to help Elevate your next outdoor adventure!


Photo of renter family in front of teardrop camper

"I cannot recommend these wonderful folks enough! My two daughters and I rented 3 of their campers for our trip to the Grand Canyon and we had an amazing time! Jess took such good care of us, gave us contact numbers for any issues, and provided excellent service! The Canyon was just beautiful and we will definitely be back! If I could give you more than 5 stars I definitely would! Thank you for an awesome trip that my grandkids will remember forever!"

Laura / June 2021

Mathers Campground, Grand Canyon National Park

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